Turn your Suzuki Jimny into a

Turn your Suzuki Jimny into a "mini" Land Rover Defender!

About a year has passed since the introduction of the first new Suzuki Jimny model change in 20 years, with the appearance of the 4th generation Jimny (JB64W) and Jimny Sierra (JB74W) taking the world by storm.

As sales continue to climb, various aftermarket shops have been competing to introduce the coolest Jimny goodies out there, with everything from cup holders to full body conversion kits hitting the market.

With that in mind, today we're taking a look at perhaps one of the coolest and most aesthetically unique custom builds out there, the "little D." body kit by renowned Japanese body part sculptors, DAMD. This kit attempts to appeal to your nostalgia centers by transforming the new Jimny into a miniaturized version of the legendary Land Rover Defender!

Text : Johan KEYTER / Shingo MASUDA Photography : Takanori ARIMA

A tribute to an off-roading legend

DAMD has been dabbling with Jimny makeovers since the 4th gen models were released, and earlier we also covered their "little G" model, a tribute to the AMG G63 (check out that article at the link below).

『DAMD little G.』

Today however, we're checking out their tribute to the Defender, as indicated by the "D" moniker in the custom build's name.

The new Jimny's square styling and 3-door short body allows for a completely natural finish in lieu of the old school Defenders.

The Defender was originally a heavy-duty model developed based on the original Land Rover series launched all the way back in 1948, and is perfectly compatible with the Jimny and its thoroughbred off-roader roots.

As can be seen from the gorgeous pictures, DAMD poured a tremendous amount of effort into the small details, going as far as to re-create classic Land Rover rims, and even their own version of the traditional grille badge.

As an official DAMD distributor, we'll answer any requests you might have!

Additionally, the kit fits on the new Jimny so naturally that it works not only as a spiritual successor, but also as an amazing standalone kit.


The kit is available in 2 styles, the "little D" and "little D CROSS COUNTRY", sporting either the old school or more modernized rims.


While local customers in Japan can have their kits installed at DAMD's headquarters, international buyers can request a quote and introduction at an international DAMD installation shop (if available). Most parts can also be installed by the savy customer themselves given they have a bit of Jimny knowledge.

Detailed part breakdown

As mentioned earlier, the Jimny Sierra's square design beautifully matches the styling cues of the Defender, melding together to create a unique yet familiar rugged little 4x4 that is to put it simply, adorable. 

The bonnet sports the same slightly raised angular lines as seen on the original Defender, and adopts a cover type that can be worn over the genuine hood, with a rasied central section and powerful frontal silhouette.

At either ends of the nose, newly developed dedicated round lamps have been installed to further enhance its likeness to the Defender.

The custom front bumper is thinner than the OEM version and features a square design and a coarse matte black paintjob that helps it resist knicks and scratches.


Similarly, the rear bumper features additional custom array of round tail lamps, replacing the original square array with something with a little more flavour.


On the tip of the nose the "Land Rover" lettering has been replaced with "LITTLE: D" and is available in either black or silver to fit with the vehicle's body color. Finally, the cheeky "LITTLE:D" oval emblem is fit to the grille and available in the classic green.

Attention to detail is truly something else when it comes to these small additions, yet they really help to bring the package together. 


For the Japanese Kei-car compliant JB64, some make-believe fenders are also included, but this doesn't affect owners of the larger JB74 Sierra. 


Optional accessories such as seat covers and roofracks are also available and can be seen fitted to the demo cars in the photos.



It's no exaggeration to say that DAMD's "LITTLE:D" body kit gives the new Jimny a playful and unique makeover that's sure to turn heads.

Contact us via email or the "stock check" button on our website for inquiries regarding this kit or any of its constituent parts.


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Photo Gallery

DAMD LITTLE:D kit installed on the Jimny JB64.

DAMD LITTLE:D kit installed on the JB74 Sierra.