Make your new Jimny shine with these awesome goodies from Off-Road Service Taniguchi!

Make your new Jimny shine with these awesome goodies from Off-Road Service Taniguchi!

The new 4th generation Jimny is still a hot topic more than a year since it launched.

In response to its popularity, aftermarket manufacturers around Japan have been developing unique custom parts and kits for the little off-roaders!

Among these manufacturers the renowned "Off-Road Service Taniguchi", who have been at the bleeding edge of the custom off-road industry for more than 35 years, has been consistently releasing new Jimny goodies.

In today's article we'll be introducing some of the hottest Jimny toys directly from the Taniguchi factory!

Small package, big fun!

As the demand for the new Jimny has been continuing to grow, in particular from Southern hemisphere countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and South America, Suzuki has increased production to roughly 7,000 units per month, or about 1.5 times more than it was after launch. 

Even with these measures however, delivery waiting times of up to a year are still being reported.

Suzuki's expected annual sales volume being exceeded during the first month after launch means that dealing with back orders is a continuining challenge for the company. 

However vehicles have been driving off the assembly line smoothly and are becoming a more common sight on motorways from Japan to Chile.

Whether you've already received your Jimny, are still waiting on an order, or are still mulling the decision over in your head, here's a collection of some of the hottest aftermarket goodies to get you in the mood! 

Spice up your Jimny!

The designers at Off-Road Service Taniguchi are working hard to develop new parts, from discreet accesssories to large parts that gives your Jimny a complete makeover. 

Rounded Tail Lamps

If the square tail light array on the standard Jimny isn't quite doing it for you, this simple accessory can give you rounded lights in the vein of the classic 1st generation Jimny. 

Compatible with both the JB64 and JB74 Sierra, this part is a simple ABS cover that can be pasted directly over the OEM tail lights, meaning there's no need for any special machining. 

The ABS black grain finish is also nearly identical to the OEM bumper base colour, so there's no need for additional painting. 

Left and right set with double-sided tape and two reflectors included.

"4x4 Plus" Charger

"4x4 Plus" charging cable for the 4th generation Suzuki Jimny.

By connecting a high-efficiency cable to the positive wiring of the battery, the charging circuit is stabilized and the load on the engine is reduced.

Improves the vehicle's responsiveness, especially at mid to high speeds!

Built-in fusible link, safe to use with an overcharger.

"Exceed" muffler

"Exceed" muffler/exhaust by Off-Road Service Taniguchi for the Jimny JB64/JB74 Sierra.

This custom muffler has been jointly developed alongside HKS. 

Adopts a 50φ straightened structure with no aperture, and provides improved power alongside a high quality low bass purr at 83 dB (6 dB louder than the OEM).

Without sacrificing the low rotation range, it supports driving modes from normal to boosted.

*Adheres to 2010 Japanese road noise regulations, different laws may apply depending on your location.  

Cup Holders

One of the most common gripes that consumers have with the somewhat sparse interior of the new Jimny is its conspicuous lack of cup holders.

Luckily, Suzuki saw fit to include several brackets so customers can install custom holders/trays as they see fit.

To meet this obvious need, Off-Road Service Taniguchi has developed this dual screw-in cup holder for the new JB64/JB74 Sierra.

As seen in the picture above, this dual cup holder can easily be attached to the right bracket in front of the passenger seat.

Additionally, this item is available in several configurations. One with dual cup holders (pictured), and another with a single cup holder alongside a small tray large enough to hold a modern smartphone or whatever else you may want in arms reach. 

It can also be easily attached or detached because thanks to its hand-turned screw.

A cork coaster to prevent clattering is also included.

Custom Vinyls

Stylish black tape-on vinyls featuring the Off-Road Service Taniguchi logo.

These vinyls are approximately 117cm in length and can be attached alongside the lower door indentations to add some much-needed flair.

More awesome accessories planned for future release!

While the Jimny has a carrying capacity of four, during everyday use the back seats are usually unocuppied and can be kept lowered.

While this luggage space is flat and convenient, when loading bulky objects or sporting/outdoor equipment (like tents) caked with mud, it's nice to have something to keep the backs of the rear sets clean. 

For this purpose, the folks over at Taniguchi have developed this rubber stowage mat which can be used to protect the back seats when carrying large loads.

It has also been designed to fit into the accessory compartment at the very back (pictured), so it won't be in the way when the rear seats are in use.

The heavy-duty rubber material means you can use it with anything from sand-caked bodyboards to unfortunate roadkill and your back seats will be kept in pristine condition!


We hope you've found something to scratch your Jimny accessory itch among the above items, and if not, rest assured that more amazing parts are continually being developed and we'll be selling them all to customers around the world!

Other convenient accessories such as three-dimensional rubber mats and LED room lamps will make their debut one after another soon!

We at MotaGare will continue to introduce goodies for the new Jimny, so please check back!