The best custom parts for the Mazda RX-7 FD3S!

The best custom parts for the Mazda RX-7 FD3S!

The RX-7 FD3S came out back in October 1991, marking the second full model change for the Mazda RX-7.

Produced up to 2002, it became the world's only rotary engine-equipped mass-produced vehicle and attracted many rotary fans from around the world.

Even though the vehicle is almost 30 years old, the RX-7 FD3S has not lost its popularity even 16 years after production ended, and has an average price of over 2 million yen ($18,000 USD) in the used car market.

This time, we will introduce some recommended custom parts to revitalize your RX-7 FD!

Customizing a legend

mazda FD3S RX7Source:

As the RX-7 FD3S moves into the realms of a classic car, the price of used vehicles have been steadily rising and its popularity has seen a resurgence.

When purchasing a used car, there's a good chance you'll be buying an RX-7 that's already been customized, but we'll be introducing some cool custom parts to really help make it your own after purchase.

Recommended rims for the RX-7

Let's start from the bottom up by taking a look at some spectacular rims for the RX-7!

In addition to looking great, fitting an aluminum rim that is lighter than the OEM helps reduce weight, which is then translated into increased performance for your vehicle.

Here are some recommended rims for the FD3S RX-7.


rayz volkracing re30Source:

Our recommendation for the FD3S RX-7 are the 'VOLKRACING RE30' rims from RAYS.

A highly-balanced design that combines the lightweight and high rigidity characteristics of a forged one-piece designed refined by Volk Racing to a high standard.

The spokes are connected to the rim in the shortest distance possible while supporting the larger brake calipers, achieving a very powerful look.

In addition, the spokes are ribbed to ensure rigidity, despite its lightness.

The well-balanced design is easy to handle, and as a result, is also loved as a performance design used during Gymkhana events.

Replacement suspension

By lowering the vehicle height, the RX-7 FD3S can exhibit a streamlined sporty impression.

It can also improve the vehicle's performance and make it a fun car for attacking corners.

Here's our recommended suspension for the RX-7.



Our recommended suspension for the RX-7 FD3S is the SPORT Damper Plus from LEG MOTOR SPORT.

The original damper is based on a ZEAL steel case and provides a luxurious 30-setting adjustment of damping force, covering both sports and streets modes thus making it ideal for circuit driving or picking up some milk.

The springs feature twin specifications of 12k front, 11k rear + helper.

Watch out for wear and tear with replacement brake pads.

Since your RX-7 is getting on in years or will be purchased used, it's very important to check whether the brake pads are worn out or not.

Replacing the brake pads are essential for safety, and additionally can provide much improved braking characteristics, which means cornering and driving in general will feel much smoother.

Here's our recommendation...

Seido-ya Brake Pads

制動屋 ブレーキパッドSource:

Developed specifically for the RX-7 by the experts at Seido-ya, their line-up includes pads optimized both for everyday driving as well as more performance oriented types. 

These top of the line pads also sports a racing pedigree of their own.

A muffler that brings the rotary sound to the forefront!

Replacement exhausts can create a racy and sensual sound while simultaneously improving your vehicle's aesthetics.

A moderate performance power-up can be expected after fitment, and it is recommended as necessary step in performance-oriented customization.

Revolution 80Φ Sports Muffler (Stainless Steel)

revolution 80φスポーツマフラーSource:

This OEM replacement stainless steel rear muffler was developed for the RX-7 by Revo-Tune.

It has passed the proximity noise test and is vehicle inspection compatible.

It produces a racy yet not overly loud sound at 92db, and sports a reliable straight structure.

Also, the weight of the genuine muffler is about 17kg, while this 80mm sports muffler comes in at only 10kg.

Sleek and aggressive body parts

The RX-7 features a streamlined design, and it is a great experimentation bed for custom body kits.

By installing custom body work, you can differentiate your RX-7 from other vehicles and truly make it your own.

Check out these gorgeous kits from Uras Japan!



Based in Fukuoka and helmed by D1 driver Ken Nomura, URAS has become one of the most popular custom tuning shops in Japan. Today we're looking at their RX-7 kit fitted in eye-catching matte black.

uras fd3s rx-7Source:

The front bumper has a large opening and an overhanging lip to create a an aggressive and sporty image.

By installing the optional canards, you can create an even more aerodynamic look.

uras fd3s rx-7Source:

Sporty side steps with front wheel ducts.

The side steps features a thick line at the bottom with an aerodynamic flap arching towards the rear to maximize both looks and performance.

uras fd3s rx-7Source:

Their wide rear bumper transforms your car's looks.

By installing the optional diffuser, you can create a racing aesthetic second to none.

This kit features a beautiful finish that is consistent no matter where it's viewed from.
uras fd3s rx-7

【FD3S RX-7 Custom】Conclusion

What did you think of these parts?

Today we introduced some beautiful street and/or track custom parts for the RX-7, these can be installed together or one by one depending on your preferences. 

Various other parts are available from Motagare, so check us out to create your own custom look for your RX-7!