Custom parts for the Nissan X-Trail T32!

Custom parts for the Nissan X-Trail T32!

Crossover SUVs have become very popular in recent years, and as such the custom aftermarket for these kinds of cars have also exploded.

Nissan's signature contender in this competitive segment is the X-Trail, and today we're taking a look at custom kits for the popular car.

Customizing the Nissan X-Trail - Where to start?

The 3rd generation X-Trail can be transformed into a completely different beast with just a few enhancements. 

In our opinion, one doesn't want to add a bunch of overly flashy parts to the X-Trail as it may upset the vehicle's well-balanced aesthetics. 

So where do you start? Well, let's take things from the bottom up. 



The first step in many custom builds is getting rid of the OEM wheels and rims.

Let's take a closer look at some of the beautiful rims offered via MotaGare.


日産NISSANエクストレイルX-TRAILT32ホイールWHEELM'zSPEEDSource :

The "FORGED DESIGN 768" rims were developed by M'z SPEED under the theme of "Resonating with your vehicle".

These rims feature a premium dual spoke design with a tuning fork motif.

The sides of the spokes are bordered by two levels of angular processing, providing both a sophisticated and sharp impression appropriate for SUVs.


日産NISSANT32エクストレイルX-TRAILホイールSource :

17-inch VITRON ASTELLA CM-03 rims by JAOS.

These rims sport a five spoked star-like design that fills most of the wheel, giving it a strong and sporty appearance.

Dummy piercing bolts are placed on the rim to create a three-dimensional aesthetic.

A boltless version is also available if you prefer a smoother look.

Custom body kits

The standard X-Trail uses a V-motion grille which currently forms part of Nissan's design philosophy, and some aftermarket shops have sought to create parts that echo yet enhance these aesthetic cues.

The styling of the 3rd generation T32 is less rugged than its predecessor (the T31), with the design moving toward a more urbanized SUV look rather than that of a purpose-built off-roader.

Luckily, a rich selection of JDM aftermarket parts means you can choose whether to enhance the sporty and urban aspects of your X-Trail, or instead go for the more rugged outdoor look.


First, let's take a look at some sporty kits.


Awesome Japan's aero parts for the T32 X-Trail have been developed under the supervision of racing driver Hiroki Yoshimoto, and emphasizes a voluminous, sporty look.

The front half spoiler is large enough to cover the upper part of the lower grille, giving it a more muscular impression, while the orange and black two-tone color scheme gives it a more aggressive image.

In addition, the rear half spoiler is equipped with LED lights and rear fog lamps, giving some much needed added detail while simply looking cool.


And here's a more rugged design, also from JAOS!

日産NISSANT32エクストレイルX-TRAILエアロパーツJAOSSource :

This off-roader version, called the X-OVER lends your X-Trail a tougher exterior. 

The front lip spoiler features a cool wing shape at both ends, and the grille is stylish, utilizing the V-motion grille but without the Nissan emblem. The set also adopts chrome mall horizontal fins.

日産NISSANT32エクストレイルX-TRAILエアロパーツJAOSSource :

In addition, side fenders which provides an extra 9mm of width is also available.

This achieves a spartan look thanks to gritty dummy bolts, giving your car the looks to tackle any obstacle.

Indispensable for off-road vehicles, the mud guards are also custom designed to fit the styling.

admiration Belta X-TRAIL

Add a taste of luxury with this smooth urban styling kit.


Admiration is a well-established manufacturer that has led the customization scene by consistently proposing designs that are ahead of the times.

The aero parts of the Belta series mounted on the X-Trail achieves a bold face change by being used in combination with an emblemless grille and beautiful front half spoiler.


An eye line that matches the top line of the grille is also available, and by attaching them together, a continuous design flow creates a fearless expression. It exudes a stylish and mature image and tranforms the X-Trail into a truly stylish urban SUV.

A custom suspension that is indispensable for those who want some lift

If you want to enjoy the X-Trail in a lifted style, a custom suspension is obviously needed.

Let's take a look!

JAOS BATTLE Z Coil Ti-W X-Trail T32 Series

日産NISSANT32エクストレイルX-TRAILサスペンションJAOSSource :

You might already be in an SUV, but a little more height is always a good thing.

JAOS's X-trail lift-up springs are made of titanium and have been designed to give the vehicle a "soft but stiff" feel when driving.

The gasoline version sees its front raised by 25-30mm and rear by 20-30mm.

Meanwhile for hybrid vehicles a lift of 20-25mm at the front and 30-35mm at the rear is possible.

New exhausts, new sound!

Another popular item on the customization menu is fitting aftermarket exhausts/mufflers. This can aid in both performance increases as well as better acoustics. 

M'z SPEED Quad Exhaust System Left and Right

日産NISSANT32エクストレイルX-TRAILマフラーM'zSPEEDSource :

M'z SPEED's mufflers for the T32 X-Trail features a quad tail pipe array with two left and two right.

The tail pipes accentuates the rear view, and it can be used with confidence since it complies with most emission regulations.


日産NISSANT32エクストレイルX-TRAILマフラーJAOSSource :

These dual exhausts from JAOS adopts a twin oval tail design.

This ups the rear aesthetics while giving your vehicle a sporty, low sound comparable to that of sports mufflers.



Today we introduced some of the most popular parts on MotaGare from the vast library of custom parts for the Nissa X-Trail T32. 

With such a large selection, it's never been easier to really make your X-Trail your own!

Tons more parts available on MotaGare, so please check us out!

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